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Recipe: Simple Ways Of Making Pineapple Juice

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Ritah Mukasa

Pineapples are marketable fruits that are loved for their sweet taste.

Besides, they can be eaten differently and are good moneymakers.

Apart from being eaten as a whole, you can slice it and extract juices from this fruit as well.

Shakur Lumala, a chef at Oguzulu resort beach and camping site says, pineapples are a major ingredient in making a Caribbean meal also called Caribbean experience. 

It’s ideal for all kinds of parties.

It consists of three meats, three foods, pineapple juice, fruits and salad. 

Prepare pineapple juice

Lumala says, you need pineapple, passion fruits, oranges and ginger. 

Wash the pineapple and cut off the top also called the crown. Thereafter, using a knife or pineapple cutter, scoop out the inner part (flesh) and blend it with some water. 

Pour the juice into the jar. Blend the ginger and after, the passionfruit but do not crush the seeds. 

Mix the juices and squeeze in an orange (s). Do not blend the orange because the seeds will make the juice bitter. Just peel it and squeeze. Add some sugar if you want. Finally, pour the juice into the pineapples you opened and serve with the food. 

Lumala puts a small umbrella on each pineapple to evoke the Caribbean experience. 

You can also cut the pineapple in two parts and scoop out the flesh before filling it with different fruits. This presentation is good at parties.

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