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Rabbit Urine Good Raw Material For Organic Manure

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Rabbits are one of the most productive domestic animals and provide one of the best white meats available on the market.

However, researchers say rabbit urine can as well be used as fertiliser by mixing it with water at a ratio of 1:5; that is, one 1 litre of the urine to five 5 litres of water. There are different methods of fertiliser application, depending on the type and nature of the fertiliser you want to apply.

Rabbit urine can be a very cheap solution to this production problem as it can be used as a fertiliser and pesticide. It would not only help to reduce the high cost of organic farming, but also increases the quantity and quality of the crop produced.

You must find means to control pests and increase the fertility of soil if you truly want to be successful as an organic Farmer, not just any means but a cheap means.

Mercy Theresa, a rabbit farmer and manager at SAO Uganda, stressed that rabbit Urine contains the highest level of nitrogen compared to other farm animals, and this is because rabbits barely drink water.

The phosphorus and potassium content in rabbit urine are of the appreciable level, good enough to eliminate deficiencies of these nutrients in the soil hence it enhances the even growth of crops on an organic farm.

The microelements can also be sources from rabbit urine in good quantities because after eating, the rabbit produces soft pellet faeces rich in amino acids and minerals, through a process called caecotrophy. These soft pellet faeces is re- ingested by the rabbit to supply or supplement the nutritional need of the rabbit.

Theresa says to use the rabbit’s urine as manure, after harvesting it put it in a container, add ash, plus herbs like the strawdor which is good at killing pests. Leave the mixture to ferment for 14 days and that is when it is good for use. At SAO, they pack it for sell and each jerrycan costs sh50,000.

A mature rabbit can produce up to 250ml of urine per day and 5 mature rabbits can produce up to one 1 litre of urine per day.


Do not apply the rabbit urine directly to the crops because it is highly concentrated and can scorch your crops. You need to dilute it with water for safe use.

Because rabbit urine is very rich in nitrogen, it is effective on vegetables like cabbages, lettuces, cucumber, watermelon, and other vegetables at any stage of growth. It can also be used at an early stage of other crops like maize and other cereals.

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