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Quick Tips On Tree Planting

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Nelson Mandela Muhoozi

Planting trees in the right season gives trees an extra growing momentum. The combination of cooler temperatures and rain allows trees to establish their roots, making it easier on them to adjust to extreme heat or drought in the dry, National Forestry Authority’s Sector Manager Banda tree nursery, Gaston Niyonzima, gives insight on tree planting.

When should we plant?

According to Gaston Niyonzima, the ideal time for planting trees for those with land in Buganda, Teso and Western region is from March to April. September to November is good for the Northern region. And if you come from Achwa, then from April to October is good time.

How do you prepare before planting?

1 or 2 months before the planting, you are expected to cut, dry and burn the shrubs, and spray weeds.

How deep should the pit be?

Pit should be 1 foot (20 cm) deep and 1 foot wide on average.

How do you plant?

Remove the polyethylene (potting bag in which the seedling is growing) and make sure you cover the seedling properly with loam soil.

Where do you get seedlings from?

National Forestry Authority has many Tree Seed Centre including one in Namanve. Besides there are various private sector tree nursery operators that you can buy authentic seedlings from.

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