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Proper Fertiliser Usage Mantra For Maximum Yields

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Agriculture experts say, to get the best out of fertiliser use, the following are important:

-Use the right seed variety, this can be known by consulting your seed supplier

-Good land preparation, this includes early ploughing before rains set in

-Appropriate weed management, this involves timely weeding

-Pest and disease control, because presence of pests affects the balance of nutrients in the soils

-Best post-harvest handling.

For appropriate nutrient use follow the 4R nutrient stewardship.

-Right source of nutrients

-Right rate

-Right time/stage of plant growth

-Right Method

-Fertiliser applications should be done at the beginning of rainy seasons.

-Not cost effective to irrigate without fertilization

-Not to fertiliae in acid, compacted, dry soils.

-Use soluble fertiliaers (N&K) in split doses.

-Intensification necessary when fertilisers are used (more plants per unit area)

-Farmers’ training needed in use of fertilisers and soil sampling for analyses

Other fertility enhancers

-Practice crop rotation by changing seasonal crops grown on each block every season. For example, if you grow maize in the first season, grow legumes like beans the second season.

-Plant shade trees to reduce impact of the sun

-Mulch the soils to prevent over evaporation of water from the soils

-Dig trenches, contours and canals to help in water capture and retention, plus stopping soil erosion.

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