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Production Of Sweet Potato Vine Milk Substitute  

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Jolly Kabirizi

  • Harvest and wilt (to reduce moisture content) green and healthy sweet potato vines. 
  • Chop wilted sweet potato vines into 5 cm lengths and air-dry. 
  • Mill-chopped, air-dried vines into powder.
  • Mix milled sweet potato vines with maize bran, fish meal and mineral powder. 

Composition of partial milk substitute

IngredientInclusion level (%)
Milled sweet potato vines40
Maize bran50
Fish meal9
Dairy mineral lick1
Total (%)100

Feeding sweet potato vine-based diet as partial milk substitute to calves

Period (days after calving)Feeding regime for a calf
Day 1 to 56 litres/day  (depending on the weight of the calf) of colostrum
Day 6-154 litres/day of milk 
Day 16-70Reduce milk offered to the calf by 1 litre every 14 days until weaning
Provide high quality pastures (a mixture of pasture grass and forage legume hay)
Provide a calf 1 kg/day of Sweet Potato Vine-Based Diet as Partial Milk Substitute
Offer the partial milk substitute as a composite marshto replace milk reduction.
A single dose of Sulfamide bolus is given to a calf two weeks after introduction of the Partial Milk Substituteto prevent nutritional scours.
Day 70Wean the calf

Feed the calf in a pen with clean grass bedding and provide clean water all the time.

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