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Preparing A Nursery Bed For Watermelon

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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Seeds are raised into seedlings using planting pots. Planting pots are readily available across agri-inputs stores around the country.

Pots are filled with well-prepared soil that is to say a mixture of good soil and organic manure. Put one seed per pot.

Spray preventive fungicides and insecticides to the seedlings in the nursery in order to raise healthy seedlings.

Spraying is done once a week. Water seedlings at least once a day.

Seedlings are ready for transplanting after three weeks.

Main garden

Make furrows in the garden one foot wide and 15cm deep. The furrows should be spaced 3m from each other.

The seedlings are spaced 60cm from each other on the sides of the furrows, and it should be done on both sides of the furrows.

Organic matter is incorporated in the furrows and DAP & Physiolith blend is put in the holes at the time of transplanting.

Put 5g of the blend per hole at one to two weeks from transplanting the drench with Fertiactyl GZ around the root zone (100ml per litre of water). One month from transplanting top dress with NPK.

The fertilisers should be placed at least three inches away from the stems because direct application on the roots may cause them to rot.

Spray a foliar fertiliser application at the flowering stage (40ml in 20 litres). Make a second application after two weeks.

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