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Paul Matovu Shares Diamond Tips On Urban Farming

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Paul Matovu, 31, in his final year at university, ventured into a business in vertical and micro gardening for urban farmers. The garden allows one to grow crops in a space.

Below are his tips on what it takes to succeed in such a business.

What you need to start this business

Have the passion and expertise. There are many agricultural innovators, but you have to be an expert, even if you are selling seeds, fertilisers and soil. If you are not, work with an expert until you learn.

Always train the workers to be better, keep records, research and document everything.

Know your clients. “For example, I was targeting low-income earners, but at sh1m, my first garden was very expensive for them. I had to find a way of bringing down the cost by producing my own gardens. I sometimes subsidise the cost.”

Be patient and manage your expectations. Give the business time to grow and since this is a digital era, maximise the Internet in all ways.

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