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Pastor Semakula’s Top Tips On Pig Farming

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A pig is an animal that can make you rich in a short time. It can give birth to 12 piglets and get pregnant after four months, meaning that pig farming is a business a farmer can never regret joining in spite of the challenges such as diseases.

Pastor George William Semakula, a farmer and researcher based in Kikajo-Namasuba, a Kampala neighbourhood, tips farmers on how to benefit from pig farming and how to control diseases on their farms.

Housing for your pigs

– Should be slanting and big to allow ample aeration. The slanting allows for easy disposal of urine and keeping the sty clean and dry. A pig is the cleanest animal that cannot sleep on its dung; therefore, allow enough space so the dung is not in the same place as where the pig sleeps. Such dirt leads to diseases and discomfort to the pigs, farmer and neighbours.

– Put a disinfectant in a basin (footbath) where people or visitors must wash their boots before entering in the pig house. Limit visitors on your farm to protect your pigs from getting infected with diseases.

How to keep the pig house clean

  • Mix water, a detergent and paraffin, spray in the house to control the bad smell. This stops the bad smell immediately and should be done frequently to avoid complaints from your neighbours and animals as well.

Feeds and water

Maize bran, mukene (fish), salt and water make good feed. It should be at least one kilogramme for each pig. You can add elephant grass with time.

Feed your pigs in an organised and routine schedule to avoid noise because they mainly make noise when very hungry. You can never make your pigs satisfied but provide food and water in time to avoid noise.

The salt in the pig feed provides iron and makes them thirsty, which induces them to drink more water.

Always look out for the best supplements for the feeds from certified dealers.

Understand and be friendly to your pigs to minimise stress on the farm.

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