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Passion Fruit Prices Shoot UP

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Samuel Balagàdde

A few weeks back, farmers and dealers  in passion fruits were crying over the low prices for passion fruits.

A bag of the purple passion fruits commonly known as Masaka  had recently dropped to as low as Sh300,000 in Kampala .

However by Wednesday evening the price had shot up to Sh900,000 per bag putting the Muslim community who need them  more during the ongoing fasting period in a dilemma.

Simon Bwambale a dealer in fresh foods including passion fruits along Kafumbe Mukasa Road in Kampala said  the cause for the rapid  increment in price  is the shortage .

He said most passion fruit growing areas are off season. 

Henry Busuulwa a a passion fruit dealer and farmer Mpigi district said the  cost of farm inputs is very high and this could be among other reasons for the inconsistency  in supply.

“Like other food crops , the supply of passion fruits is seasonal with very few farmers who can afford the irrigation facilities ,” said Busulwa .

He  said many farmers  have not gained from the current high prices as the season is off in most parts of the country .

He said passion fruit growing is paying but subjected to price changes  mainly  during the general harvest season when supply  exceeds demand on the market.

He said the government has not done enough to protect farmers mainly during over supply that results into reduced prices 

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