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MP Talks Tough Against Illegal Fishing In Kyoga

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By Michael Onyinge

James Olobo, a representative for Kioga North County in the Amolatar district, has asked the district councillors to educate fishermen about the rules established by the government.

On Thursday, March 11, 2022, at the district council hall in the Amolata district, Olobo said they had encountered numerous difficulties when attempting to educate fishermen about unlawful fishing.

Amolatar is bordered by Lake Kyoga and Lake Kwania and some of the fishermen there are rumoured to use illegal fishing gear.

According to Olobo, it is the district councillors’ responsibility as stakeholders to ensure that the fishing community is made aware of such issues.

He claimed that the laws were in place and that Amolatar couldn’t possibly function independently of them.

“Our very own people suffer when we fail to sensitize them. Making them what is needed is helping them,” Olobo stated.

Martin Ayonge, the Amolatar District Council deputy speaker who presided over the meeting, supported the MP’s position.

There are numerous landing areas in Amolatar, and recently some fishermen were detained and brought before the court.

According to Olobo, having a family member arrested is a strain, particularly when that person is the family’s primary provider.

Let’s warn our people not to use illegal fishing equipment so they can avoid arrest, Olobo remarked.

The Marine Protection Unit has come under fire in the Amolatar district for mistreating some fishermen, particularly those who were using illegal fishing gear.

Olobo claimed that the President had ordered soldiers to be stationed to guard the lakes from unauthorized fishing, adding that this approach will stop the overfishing act.

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