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More Rains Predicted, Farmers Told To Continue Planting

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Gerald Tenywa

The farming community should continue planting as an updated weather forecast predicts a resumption of rainfall in parts of northern and northeastern Uganda. This is expected to allow a continuation of planting, particularly of cassava stems, according to Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA). The rain was delayed in some parts of the region because of the tropical cyclones that caused flooding in southern Africa, according to the Famine Early Warning Systems. UNMA stated that most parts of the country were expected to have started receiving enhanced rainfall by the end of last month. “Wet conditions are expected to prevail over the entire country, bringing to an end the disruption caused by a dry spell, which was in the northern and eastern parts,” UNMA stated in its updated weather forecast.

However, enhanced wet conditions are expected in some areas in southwestern, West Nile, northeastern (Karamoja) and Mt Elgon highlands. The communities in the cattle corridor, northern and eastern, are advised to put water storage facilities in place to harvest rainwater for future use. This will avert the potential negative impacts of prolonged dry spells. Pruning tree crops and mulching should be undertaken to conserve moisture and slow down runoff in southwestern, central and western Uganda as well as the highland areas The farmers are also advised to monitor and report any emergence of crop pests, animal parasites and plant diseases to technical staff at sub-counties and districts.

All rural communities are advised to undertake tree planting, not only as income[1]generating projects for the near future, but also as windbreaks. The farming population of northern, northeastern and eastern regions are advised to construct drainage channels around and within their gardens to reduce waterlogging. The population is encouraged to drink only safe water obtained through boiling or using water treatment chemicals for good health.

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