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Ministry Asks Farmers To Use Fertilizer For Only High Value Crops

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Prossy Nandudu

The Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries has asked farmers to consider investing in fertilizers for only high value crops until the price of fertilizers reduces to affordable rates.  

Although higher value crops have been in the past considered as those in the horticultural sector, crops like maize, coffee, beans are also high value depending on the number of acreage.

The call was made by the Commissioner crop protection in the ministry, Stephen Byantwale while commenting on calls by farmers across the country for a reduction in fertilizer prices.

Bwantwale attributed the high cost of fertilizer to the Russia Ukraine war which has affected the manufacturing and export of fertilizers to other parts of the world.

“As we look for a solution, I request farmers to consider higher value crops when buying fertilizers but also consider organic manure, animal or poultry dropping for other crops,” said Bwantwale.

According fertilizer traders and farmers, a 50kg bag of DAP is going for sh200,000 up from sh140,000 in 2020. CAN (Calcium Ammonium Nitrate) is going for sh170,000 up from sh135,000. NPK (Nitrogen Phosphorus and Potassium) is selling at shs220,000 up from sh120,000.

UREA is going for sh190,000 up from sh120,000. Microp planting, at sh170,000 up from sh135,000 before Covid 19 and the outbreak of the War between Russia and Ukraine.

Bwantwale added that in the meantime, they are waiting for government pronouncement on eh Fertilizer plant in Tororo which, when it starts the production of fertilizers, will bring the cost down.

Prof Zzake (right) talking to a friend near his organic fertilizer making equipment in Kawanda. Photo by Prossy Nandutu.

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