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Master Class: Experts To Teach How To Construct A Greenhouse 

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Herbert Musoke

Growing vegetables in a controlled environment is the best way to manage production since it allows you to plant any time of the year.

Although it is expensive to grow vegetables in a greenhouse, it is a profitable venture if one breaks even in the first year.

Greenhouse farming and management will be one of the topics taught during the Master class at AVAIL Fruit of Faith farm located in Magere, Wakiso district.

Joseph Male, a farmer, consultant and owner of Avail Fruits of Faith Farm will take farmers through the science and economics of a greenhouse.

“The most challenging issue with a greenhouse is the cost of setting it up. A metallic one goes for about sh36m. However, at the Master class, we will show farmers how to construct one using local materials like wood, insect net and a UV polythene,” says Male.

He adds that, during the Master class, a team will give farmers practical skills and knowledge on the choice of crops, and best agronomic practices.

Male says that a greenhouse of 8 meters by 30 meters can take about 1,000 crops. For example, one can plant sweet pepper which can be harvested for six months.

“Each crop will give you an average of 3.5kgs in its production life cycle of six months. This, therefore, means from 1,000 crops you harvest 3.5 tones. If you sell a kilogram at sh5,000, you will earn sh17.5m,” he explains.

He thus explains that one needs three cycles of production to break even. 

The other beauty of greenhouse farming, Male says a farmer will always have uniformity in the harvest with size, color, and shape among others.

Farmers will also be taught stem selection, fruit pruning for better and bigger fruits, trading stems and trapping insects.

The master class is organised by Vision Group in partnership with the Netherlands embassy. It will take place tomorrow at AVAIL Fruits of Faith farm at Magere in Wakiso district, starting from 9:00am – 3:00pm.

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