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Market For Hass Avocado

by Wangah Wanyama
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By Rosemary Tukundane

The longer shelf life, fast tree maturity and high yields, Hass avocado has been identified as a priority crop for the Ugandan government push to boost exports of various fruits and vegetables.

But now there is a government push in Uganda to boost exports in various fruits and vegetables, and Hass avocado has been identified as a priority crop. It is the avocado variety with the greatest export potential thanks to its longer shelf life, fast tree maturity, and high yields.

Hass avocado is the most common commercial avocado cultivars in the world, contain a variety of essential nutrients like pulp, seed and its fresh used to make oils mostly wanted in the cosmetics industry and important phytochemicals.

However, the processors buy the bulk (97.5%) of the fruits. Potential export market includes Asia, UAE, Qatar and China as well as Europe especially Italy. There is high demand for both fresh fruits and avocado oil in Europe and China.

Every farmer’s purpose for joining farming is earning money and Hass Avocado has big market in Eastern Europe and the least they can ask for is fourteen tans per week.

Robert Mugambwa added that there is demand for avocado from groceries across Europe because when Ugandan trees are fruiting, Brazil trees have already fruited and they no longer have fruits and Kenyan’s imperia is as short as their rains and Uganda God blessed us double.

He continued that Uganda has the longest fruiting season which starts as early as late October and stretches within the time Kenya is also fruiting giving us the biggest chance of exporting avocados to the European countries.

‘’The market is in the gap of scarcity, when it comes to the European market and we have very many players in the cosmetics industry who are into Hass avocado oil but many like France imports Hass avocado for their cosmetics industry’’ he added

Robert continued that market is also in people who buy the seed or stone made for avocado tea, helping to have the black soldier flies where you the fly with the pulp and the seed to have more proteins from the different worms.

He continued that Europe needs Hass from Uganda because they can not produce this and for those who can produce, do a lot of irrigation, technology, and the cost for them to produce a kilo gram is high up.

Hass avocado is the only investment that your can do for three years site and enjoy for fifty years because this tree will feed you, your children and grand children.

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