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Managing Theft On Your Farm

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Theft causes financial loss to farmers and ranchers. On mechanised farms, fuel, especially where large quantities are stored, is commonly stolen.

Feeds, produce, tools, fertilisers, livestock and field equipment are also common targets. In most cases, employees steal from employers following misunderstandings. To deter theft on the farm, consider the following tips:
Always inspect the farm
Go around your farm and look at it through the eyes of a thief. Be seen around the farm often and vary routine so that people cannot easily anticipate when you will be around. Count your livestock once in a while since some employees may steal without you noticing the reduction in products or animals.

Use high quality security systems

Construct sturdy secure sheds with high quality locks. Tools, equipment, chemicals and other valuables should be stored inside. Use strong chains and locks on all gates and access routes.

Mark or stamp tools and equipment with a permanent identification number for easy identification if found with an unauthorised person.

You can also grow trees around the farm to make a hedge.

Use animals as deterrents

A good watchdog around the farm with proper signs is effective. Turkeys and guinea fowls are also good noise makers when strangers come in.

Keep records of past employees
In case of a dispute and some of your equipment or products are missing, it is easy to track them down.

Always notify the Police incase of theft. No crime is too small to report.

Form farmers’ watch groups
This will help you observe and record suspicious behaviour. Neighbours watching are each others’ back can help reduce crime. This includes taking note of strangers who visit the farm pretending to be potential customers.

Label or tag your animals
Ensure all animals are marked for identification and keep a record of all the livestock. For instance, the number, size, and age among others. If necessary, take their pictures.

With those tips, nothing can go wrong on your farm.

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