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Managing Farm Employees

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Employees play a very important role in the success of any farm. How they are managed and guided determines the quality and quantity of the farm products, and overall impacts on the farm’s profitability. Below are some tips on how to manage farm employees.

Provide regular on-farm training. Employees need to be shown how to do these things, in order to do them right. Learning to do the job right is critical for the employee’s self-satisfaction. Through this training, let employees know what is expected of them. This will help them achieve their targets. Have rules and regulations discussed with the new employees.

Understanding employee’s personalities is also an important skill because it directly affects working relationship. For instance employees who like to consider a number of alternatives before acting may find it annoying to work with someone who just starts a job as quickly as possible and figures things as they go along.

Hold regular staff meetings to ensure that they provide two-way communication. In turn, employees have the opportunity at staff meetings to air their grievances or problems, confident that they will be heard before the their colleagues. Through these meetings let the employees know that they are appreciated. It gives them more energy and motivation

Create a pleasant working environment, especially if some of the farm work is boring. Try to make farm work as enjoyable as you can. For instance, give your employees rest intervals and time off.

Provide a place where they can relax in their free time. Also provide other things like shower rooms. This will help change their attitude towards work.

Know what is important to each employee. Everyone thinks money is at the top of the list, but if there are other problems, money will not make them disappear, it will just delay them.

The other areas of importance to employees include appreciation, promotional growth, job security and satisfaction, tactful disciplining and loyalty.

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