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Major Processing Plants In The Fruit Industry

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By Joshua Kato

The main citrus processing firms in the country included Britania Allied Industries and Jakana Foods Limited, both located in Kampala City. Much as these firms process citrus into fruit juices, they use citrus fruits produced locally example, from Kyoga Plains Agricultural Zone as their raw material.  Britania Allied

Industries at times import pulp from South Africa, apparently because local oranges cannot produce the colour and taste of products required by their customers. Jakana Foods Limited, on the other hand, has limited processing capacity and it sources oranges from Luwero and Sembabule Districts.  This suggests that there is limited citrus processing taking place in the country as a whole.  Nevertheless, through bilateral cooperation between the Government of Uganda and the Korean Government, in partnership with Teso Tropical Fruit Growers Cooperative Union (TETFGCU), a fruit processing factory was being constructed in Soroti District, targeting processing citrus into juice.

Individually at home, you can add value to oranges by processing juice and wines. To produce juice, you may need less than sh500,000 to start a small juice processing unit in your back door.

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