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Maggots A Great Stress Reliever

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Stress is a compulsory paper for every human, both the young and old. Like it or not, you will have stressful days and stressful aunts, sisters, or bosses. 

But after all this stress, the only thing we crave is a massage or something soothing to set our minds free.

Have you ever imagined that maggots can be great stress relievers? 

You might be wondering how that is possible. Well, the national science week that was held in November at Kololo Airstrip, Kampala was jam-packed with innovators flexing their innovation muscles.

One of the innovators was the National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO), which showcased several things ranging from types of fish to their origins. 

However, what stood out was the BSFL larvae, which are primarily a product of biodegradation and organic matter. 

If you have the time and resources, all you have to do is trap a couple of Black Soldier flies in a transparent net where they can breathe properly, feed them water through the sponge, and then provide space to harvest the eggs when they lay.

After they have laid eggs, they (eggs) are put into the organic matter at room temperature, where the BSFL larvae will be hatched. 

Ten grams of eggs can produce between 40,000 and 60,000 larvae, which is sufficient to alleviate stress.

Alternatively, you could just walk into NARO and buy the eggs, then go home and hatch them for yourself.

The larvae are not dirty. Constantine Chobet, the research officer at NARO, says that in some parts of the world, the larvae are a very healthy delicacy. 

“The BSFL Larvae is edible, it does not cause any sickness, but also help relieve stress,” he said.

For stress relief, you just need to deepen your hand into the larvae, and then a tickly, soothing sensation is sent through all of your sensory nerves. The feeling is comparable to floating in the air with your eyes closed.

Wanda Fred, a research technician at NARO, also explained that many people, when they get stressed, go for a massage. 

However, according to the BSFL larvae, it does more than massage does, and its uniqueness lies in the tender emotions and sensations that come with the BSFL larvae.

After you have had great stress relief with BSFL larvae, you can feed them to your chickens or dry them up and use them as feed for your animals.

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