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Land Preparation For Cabbage Growing

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Before you start planting cabbage, a farmer has to allocate land where the activity has to be done from and this should be well-prepared some weeks before planting the seedlings.

As soon as the seeds are planted in the nursery bed, plough the land (main garden). If the land is being operated for the first time, it should be plowed twice at two weeks’ intervals to minimize the growth of weeds.

Cabbage grows in well-drained soil and is rich in organic matter. The soil should be well tilled and sufficiently drained but must allow good water retention, this is because Cabbage requires a great deal of water.

The farmer should first test the soil for fertility and a pH (pH is a measure of acidity and alkalinity in soils) of 6 to 7 is what the cabbages need to grow well. You can add lime just in case the pH is lower and the amount of lime added will determined by the fertility rate of the soil.

The soil testing can be done regularly and the agricultural lime should be applied six months before the planting takes place.

The farmer should also note that it is ideal to plant cabbages in soil that has some clay in it.

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