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Keeping Pigs Commercially

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It is important for pig farmers to have a specific direction. If one is weaning twomonth-old piglets and selling them off, let that be. If one is fattening for pork, let that be. For example, if one needs quick money from the piglets, then weaning at two months and selling them off is the way to go.

However, if one is fattening for pork, he will take about five to six months to earn money. Let us assume that with that sh10m, you have the land/place where you are setting up the structure. The ideal structure should be able to accommodate at least five sows (female pigs).

As a beginner, you are advised not to start with more than five pigs, whether it is two-month-old piglets or ‘served’ sows. A served sow is one that is expecting. This structure will cost you at least sh3m to sh4m.

If you are buying piglets, the five sows plus a fairly older boar will cost you sh100,000 to sh150,000 each, depending on the variety, while a fourmonth-old boar will cost you between sh250,000-sh400,000, depending on the variety. In total, you need sh1.2m to stock the first pigs.

You can use the rest of the money to stock feed for the sows, depending on your selected direction. Treat them, especially deworming at least once every two months and paying for labour.

Feeding the pigs

One of the biggest challenges for pig keepers is feeding. In fact, it is common to hear people say they will not keep pigs because of their feeding habits. Feeding should not take more than 70% of production costs.

Pigs should be fed on a main meal of maize bran mixed with silverfish, cottonseed cake, red salt and shells. The prices can sometimes be high because they are seasonal and dependent on the supply available to the producers. Prices for a 100kg bag of mixed products can range between sh105,000 and sh150,000.

One way of reducing this cost can be by buying the different foods and mixing them according to your own requirements.

Additionally, pigs can also be fed on cooked or raw food for example potatoes, cassava and maize. They also eat leaves of potatoes, cassava etc. However, these should not constitute the main meals if a farmer is practicing piggery commercially.

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