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Juice; A New Way To Eat Sugarcane

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Eating sugar cane has always been a long experience. One has to get the cane, wash, peel and bite to enjoy its sweetness. After eating, you have the leftovers, bagasse, to dispose of.

For some who do not what to go through the hustle, they always buy from roadside sellers where the hygiene is not guaranteed.

However, this challenge seems to have gotten a solution. At the 2020, Harvest Money expo, a sugar cane juice has been showcased.

Rita Nansubuga, the director of Lifestyle Cane Juice, says the aim of turning sugarcane into juice is to give the people pure instant sugarcane juice.

“You do not have to buy the sugarcane, wash, peal, before you eat and after you also struggle to dispose of the bagasse. Even in your office or at home or on the road, you can enjoy the sugarcane,” she said.

Nansubuga started processing the juice because many people were complaining of the unhygienic sugarcane that were being sold on the market.

She also wanted to add value into the cane to make sugar cane growing more profitable.

“I took on this opportunity and today it is picking up. All that is needed is mature sugarcane, that has to go through a rigorous process to clean before the juice is squeezed out to make the juice before it is packed,” Nansubuga said.

She revealed that from one raw sugarcane that cost sh1,000 on the local market, when processed you get close to three litres, each going for sh2,000. This means from one  sugarcane, you can get sh6,000. 

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