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Interesting facts about your farm animals

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Male ducks are called drakes, female ducks are called hens and babies are called ducklings. Ducks are social animals and suffer from loneliness if they do not have company. If a duck is raised in the absence of other ducks, it will tend to identify itself with whatever animal species around it. This means that if a duck is raised by a human being, it starts to believe it is a human being too. Duck’s feathers are water proof too.


Pigs rank fourth on the list of most intelligent animals. Experts say pigs can learn tricks faster than dogs, and when pigs grunt, it is a method of communication far more sophisticated than it sounds. You can also give a pig a name and it will respond to it after a couple of weeks. Pigs are also fantastic swimmers, which is surprising considering the structure of their bodies. There are four toes on a pig’s foot, but they use only two toes to walk.


A rabbit is the cutest and most vulnerable-looking domestic animal. No wonder it is very popular as a pet. A male rabbit is called a buck and female is called a doe. It can see what is going on behind it, without turning its head. It also has three eyelids. Rabbits cannot vomit (no matter how much they have to drink) and they sweat through the pads on their feet.

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