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Interesting Facts About Goats

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Goats were the first animals to be domesticated by man in 10,000 B.C.

The larger the scrotal circumference of the buck (male goat), the higher his libido and fertility.

Coffee was first discovered when goat herders in Ethiopia noticed the animals acting very energetic after nibbling on coffee beans.

Healthy kids can stand within minutes after birth and are able to move with the herd almost immediately.

The phrase Judas goat is a term that has been used to describe a goat that is trained to herd other animals to slaughter while its own life is spared. Most goats can be found in Asia and the Mid-East.

A goats was the first animal to be used for milk by humans.

There are over 210 breeds of goats in the world. There are approximately 450 million goats around the world.

The doe can have 1 to 6 kids per litter, however, 4 to 6 kids are rare. Goats do not have teeth in their upper front jaw. They have 24 molars and 8 incisors.

Both male and female goats can have beards.

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