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How You Must Run Your Layers’ Enterprise For Profit

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How to clean and disinfect a poultry house

 20 days before the new chicks arrive, you should start cleaning and disinfecting the poultry house. The house is cleaned with water and then disinfected using any common disinfectant.  After cleaning the house, the best disinfection is time and ventilation to guarantee a dry environment. Cleaning and disinfection is a process.  If you follow this process, your poultry house will be ready for the arrival of the new chicks.

 Remove all movable equipment and clean and disinfect it. Disinfect them using liquid disinfectants like jireh or jik.

 Remove all the litter and make sure it immediately leaves your farm, to avoid any possible transfer of diseases

 Clean the whole inside house (ceiling, walls, equipment, floor) with water and detergent.

 Rinse everything with ordinary water (if possible, use high pressure cleaner to get off any possible contamination.

 Let the house dry for at least 1 day.

 Disinfect the house. This can be done using a liquid or dry product. Ask your poultry specialist about the options.

 After disinfecting, ventilate for at least 24 hours.

 Install all the equipment and test it!

 Allow a two week resting period for the house. Time and ventilation are the best disinfectants.

 If necessary, use products against flies, rodents etc.

Keep it clean

Biosecurity and hygiene are always important, so here is some cleaning advice!

 Clean feeders and drinkers once a day. They can be scrapped with soap water and then further with pure clean water.

 Thoroughly clean water troughs/drink nipples at least once a week.

 Clean poultry house, feed storage room, warehouse and egg room twice a week.

 Clean windows, netting, air inlets, lamps etc. every week.

 Control lice, flies and/or other external parasites.  These can be controlled by monthly spraying of the house.  

 Keep the surroundings clean! No dead animals, no wild birds, no rubbish. Keep away grass because it is home to rodents and snakes that may attack your chicken.

All the above-mentioned biosecurity and disinfection factors can make the difference between normal and high production!

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