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How To Vaccinate Chicken Against Newcastle Diseases

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Newcastle disease is a viral disease of birds with a wide range of clinical signs from mild to severe. It is known to kill entire flocks.

As the disease develops, affected birds may show some of the following signs: respiratory distress such as gaping beak, coughing, sneezing, gurgling, rattling, nervous signs (characterised by tremors and paralysis and twisting of the neck), unusually watery faeces (diarrhoea) that are yellowish-green, depression and lack of appetite.

Newcastle vaccines, just like all the others, is sensitive. This is why it has to be kept at a given temperature and handled carefully if it is to remain effective.

It is sold in liquid form and should not be diluted before usage.

It should be kept under a storage temperature of around 30-37 degrees Celsius for three days and if it stays longer, at 22-29 degrees Celsius for two weeks.

But as a farmer, you would rather buy it at least an hour before you use it. This means that you buy the exact quantities that you need for the chicken if possible.

But before buying, take note of the manufacturers’ expiry date because in Uganda, some dealers are known to sell expired farm inputs.

It should be transported under proper conditions. If you have a cool box, use it. If you cannot maintain the temperature, then you are advised to engage a veterinary officer, so that you do not waste your time and money.

When it comes to application, put one drop in one of the chicken’s eyes only. All age groups of chicken can be vaccinated. Revaccinate after every four months.

In addition to vaccinating against Newcastle, you also need to vaccinate against other diseases. If you are not sure about the immunisation schedules, contact your veterinary officer.

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