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How To Store Maize Grains 

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· The storage structure most protects the maize seeds from extreme heat or cold, and moisture which causes microbial and fungal growth. The storage also should protect the seeds from pests and rodents which eat or damage the seeds.

· Grains should be very carefully handled and stored without contamination from other varieties and other crop seeds.

· Grain storage refers to the act of keeping the seeds safe during the storage time until the seeds are sown or marketed.

Moisture management

· If the moisture in the seed is more than 12 % at the time of storage, the level of both heat and water increases due to intensified respiration in seeds. In this condition, the risk of fungus attack increases and reduces the quality of seeds.

· Likewise, moisture plays important role in increasing the infestation and invasion of diseases and pests in seeds. Therefore, the seeds should be stored only after controlling the moisture in the seeds.

The following measures can be adopted to manage moisture in seeds:

a. The seeds should be stored only after drying in the sun 4 – 5 times.

b. The experience seed producer farmer can also identify the moister of seed.

Storage management

· There should be only one door or opening (not more doors or windows) in the seed storage to maintain the temperature, to protect the maize from rodents, and robbery.

· While storing seeds in a sack or metal container, such sacks or containers should be kept above the floor on a raised plank and without leaning the wall to protect it from moisture of the wall.

· The major objective of the storage structure is to protect the maize seeds from extreme heat or cold and moisture, as well as protect them from microbial & fungal growth, pests and rodents.

Pest and rodents control during storage

· The store should be cleaned properly before storing the seeds and after the seed are sold out.

· Fumigant pesticides like Aluminium phosphate or Methyl bromide can be used at the rate of three tablets per ton (1000 kg) of stored seed for fumigation of the storage to control the moths, mites and other storage pests.

· Fumigation by pesticides in the storage is done by keeping the fumigants in the centre of storage and letting fumigation inside by closing all doors and windows for at least 24 hours during storage or before the storage period.

· The storage place should be safe from pests and mice.

· Use a mouse trap in the storage to protect seeds from mouse attacks.

Inspect the storage regularly to ensure the occurrence of pests.

· Do not keep the storage door open for a long time, this will control birds, rodents and insect attacks.

· For weevil, one Selphas tablet can be used for 100 kg seeds by wrapping it in a cotton cloth and placing it in the centre of the normal sack/metal bin filled with seeds. It is not mandatory in the case of hermetic or super grain bags.

Packing material and method

Maize grains should be packed and stored on a sunny day after well drying in sun 4-5 times.

· To store the seeds, the seeds should be properly dried before the monsoon begins and stored in a metal bin, hermetic bag or plastic sack. The bag or sack should be fastened airtight to protect seeds from possible moisture.

· Super-grain bag refers to a bag in which insects cannot enter that easily and is air-tight. Even if the insects enter into the bag, the insects and fungus die due to treatments done for such a bag.

· The following ways can be followed to use super-grain bags:

a. Squeeze the air out of the bag after placing the seeds inside the bag.

b. Keeps the bag fastening properly after the air inside is squeezed out.

c. The pests can be controlled without using any chemical pesticides in this way.

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