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How To Set Up Ekitandalo (Trellises)

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A trellis (ekitandalo) made from logs stands and reeds, fishing nets and wires should be put up in the garden so that the fruit vines can attach themselves and climb on the table in place.

You can use any tree type to obtain poles that you will use to allow vines to climb, so long as the trees are strong.

Common sources, however, include palm trees — mainly from swamps, mutuba and migavu trees.

Each post should be at least nine feet. Two feet will be covered in the hole while nine feet will be up.

The reason why it should be 7ft is to make it easy for farmers to effectively weed the garden.

The poles are set at a distance of at least 12 feet from each other. For each acre, you need at least 500 posts.

Each of these costs about sh1,500. After erecting the posts, wire trellis to support the growing crop and fruits are set too.

It is important to use galvanised wires— these are sold in hardware shops. For an acre, you need at least four rolls. Each costs sh100,000-sh120,000.

You also need 45 pieces of old fishing nets to complete the set-up.

Nile perch fishing nets have proved to be strong and more long-lasting than other nets. Each costs between sh25,000 and sh30,000. You will also need at least 5kg of nails, each costing sh5,000.

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