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How to safeguard your birds against an epidemic

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The first measure taken is to declare a quarantine in the affected area. This means that no bird will be allowed to leave the affected area.

Of course, this is likely to cause losses to the farmers. And if you are a farmer in the affected area do not get any new chicken to your farm.

Make sure you do not share farm equipment with any other farmer. Ensure that every person coming to the farm is disinfected before entering the premises.

Make sure that the poultry houses are constructed in such a way that intruding animals such as rodents and wild birds cannot enter.

You can prevent rodents from entering the chicken houses by using rodent bars, these are obstacles constructed on the walls of the chicken houses to stop rodents from climbing in.

As for the wild birds, make sure you have wire mesh around the open sections of structure to prevent them from going in.

Alternatively, rodents can be eliminated using poison.

However, make sure you place the poison outside the chicken houses so that it is not eaten by the chicken.

Make sure that the spots where the poison is placed are clearly marked and the rodents should be removed as soon as they die.  

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