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How To Roast Whole Duck For Maximum Tastiness

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 By Jovita Mirembe

Duck meat is an outstanding source of iron which provides 50% of the iron our bodies need in a day.

Andrew Alikuluya, the executive  chef at  Extreme Adventure Park Busiika,  says iron helps in making  healthy blood that flows through our bodies hence  giving us energy and making us grow well.

He says other nutritional facts about  duck meat include calories (340g), fat (28g), protien (19g), Sodium (9g) and carbohydrates.

 Alikuluya  says roasted  whole  duck meat is something you need to try for adventure  because  it has a  great  taste.

 He   takes us through the process of preparing whole roasted  duck  below;


1 whole duck cleaned

1g ginger grated

2g garlic grated

2g onion grated

1/4 tea spoon Black pepper  corns

50ml light soy sauce

4ml Dijon mustard sauce

1g cooking salt

50ml cooking oil

1g dry mixed herbs

Hand full of rosemary fresh chopped

1 stalk of leek steamed

2 Carrots cut buttonets steamed

1 piece of good flour tortilla ready made

1 bowl of stir-fry sauce

Charcoal for roasting, light 20 minutes before

 Salt water( Brine)  

Mix 2 cinnamon sticks, tablespoon of star annis, 3 tablespoons grated garlic, 2 teaspoons grated ginger, 2 bay leaves, 4 tablespoons brown sugar, 100ml light soy sauce, 50 ml Rice vinegar, fresh herbs tired in small  bundles , 2 cup water, 2g salt , a teaspoon  of black pepper corns (not crushed).

Mix all the above in one cooking pot, boil for  about  10 minutes, check the seasoning that you have boiled  and set aside for about five minutes to cool, thereafter add in the duck making sure the liquid covers it well, then wrap with cling film and set aside  over night.

Remove and drain from salt water( Brine) and follow the method below;


In a clean container, add garlic, onion, ginger, mustard, light soy sauce ,salt, cooking oil, crushed black pepper corns or white pepper corns ,mixed herbs or fresh thyme .

Using a whisky or wooden spatula  mix until it forms sauce like.

Get a paper towel and drain the duck

Add them to the marination made or seasoning ,set it a side for 20 to 30 minutes as you light your Charcoal stove or  barbeque  grill.

Make sure the charcoal stove is not too hot ,if its too you won’t get  good  results, you may use Ash to cool it a bit.

Transfer the Marinated duck  to the Charcoal stove ,keep checking turning every after 10 minutes, cook or roast for about 50minutes  to one hour at moderate  temperatures or until its ready to eat or sauce runs clear .

Remove from the  charcoal stove or barbeque  grill ,using a sharp knife slice and serve of accompaniment but me I prefer flour tortilla or chapati as seen below.

It may  be eaten  alongside the  following;

1 . Parsley potatoes

2. Vegetable rice

3. Assorted vegetables

4. Salad

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