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How To Rehabilitate An old Coffee Field

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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Old coffee fields can be rehabilitated back to their near-original status.

The first step for you is to weed the farm and plant the velvet bean plant (mucuna) because it has got elements that destroy weeds, while at the same time improving soil fertility.

You then start the process of stumping old trees that have not been pruned for many years.

The process may include removal of most of the old branches and leaving only a few that will flower. Stumping should also be done gradually, covering a quarter of the trees per season.

Trees are cut down to at least 45cm above the ground level. Experience shows that when they are cut much lower than this, the stump may rot.

It is also necessary to cut the tree at a slanting 45 degrees and not to cut it flat. Again, this is intended to stop rotting.

After sometime, you will see new branches developing out of the stump. You will have to select the best branches to maintain on the trees. Gradually, your coffee shamba will be back to its good status.

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