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How To Prevention Anthrax 

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Joshua Kato

-Farmers should vaccinate their animals whenever there is an outbreak, especially people whose farms border wildlife conservation areas.

 -When there is an outbreak, movement and sale of animal products such as meat, milk, hides and skin and ghee should be stopped.

-Educate the communities to report any sudden death of animals to the veterinary doctor for advice and to establish the cause of the death.

-An animal suspected to have died of anthrax, should not be slaughtered until a veterinary doctor has checked and established the cause of death.

-Once confirmed, dead animals should be buried six feet deep and the burial place disinfected using lime, which kills the maggots that could easily carry the bacteria that cause anthrax. 

-This also prevents scavengers, hyenas and dogs from spreading the diseases through parts of the animal they carry from the dead animal.

-A vet should be called in case of sudden death of an animal to establish the cause of death before coming into contact with an animal.

-Persons working on the farm should observe hygiene. Wash all tools and clothes that came into contact with the dead animal with disinfectants. 

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