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How To Prevent Poultry Diseases

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Slaughtering of animals within the farm vicinity must be avoided. When birds are ready for slaughter, this should be done at once such that the house can be cleaned and disinfected.

At every entrance point to the farm, there must be a footbath for people and wheel-baths for vehicles to keep off possible infections.

Birds should be kept together according to age to avoid incidences of pecking or bullying that could result in broken limbs and bleeding.

The poultry or animal houses should be kept clean to avoid spread of diseases. Chicken litter should be dry at all times as wet and dirty litter exposes the birds to diseases such as coccidiosis, among other infections.

How diseases get into the farm

Dr John Etuket, a veterinary doctor, explains that diseases find their way to the farm through the following instruments:

Through other birds or animals that stray into the farm or are introduced without thorough checking. If you are introducing a new animal, keep it separately for at least two weeks as you examine its health status.

Through visitors and farmers’ clothing, shoes and vehicles. This is why it is advisable that any person entering the farm is disinfected and clothes changed.

Through poor disposal of dead birds or carcasses. These must be buried at least six feet deep, away from the farm.

Contaminated drinking water provided to the birds can also increase incidences of diseases on the farm.

Make sure water is from a clean source.

Rodents and wild birds, contaminated feeds and feeding equipment.

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