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How To Prepare Beef Burger Double Patty 

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Ritah Mukasa

If you love burgers and have been munching on single ones, it is high time you tried the double patty burgers.

Ronald Desire Binoga, a chef, explains that double patty burgers usually have more flavour and juiciness. 

Mix the ingredients. Photos by Ritah Mukasa

This is because the meat is thicker and has more surface area to accommodate seasonings. These burgers also hold together well and are less likely to fall apart while eating them.

You need

60gms of minced chunk beef

40gms brisket fatty beef 

Blended onions 25gms

Grill the balls

Yellow mustard 17.5gms

Black pepper powder 3gms

Salt 7grms


* Put the minced meat in the mixing bowl

* Weigh the ingredients and mix them together

* Add to the minced beef and mix gently with your hands

* Make about 100gm balls

Add cheese

* Flatten the balls into round flat burger patties and heat a thick pan or grill

* Grill both sides for 2 minutes each

* A minute after turning, add a cheese slice

* Toast the burger bun with butter

* Grill onion rings slightly

* Add a thousand dressing sauce on the bun and assemble the burger

You can cut into half and serve.

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