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How To Position Farm Structures

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The location of your farm significantly contributes to its success. If you are a beginner, consider the topography of the area.

This means the shape of the land, including valleys and hills. Be careful to select an elevated and level site with good soil fertility or a gentle sloping area.

A relatively levelled area will require less site preparation and will also reduce building costs, while good soil fertility will enable production of good pastures and crops as well as cultivation of animal fodder.

A gentle slope will provide gravitational flow and facilitate water supply and drainage of liquid waste and water.

You should also consider the natural soil and drainage of the place. The preferred place must be naturally dry and not soggy with a ready supply of clean water in sufficient amounts.

It should be close to the markets where you intend to sell your farm products and purchase farm inputs to reduce your transport costs.

This means an efficient road network that connects the farm to the markets must be present.

However, take care not to put your farm near highways and railways because these tend to be used for mass movement of animals and thus expose your farm to disease risks if it is nearby.

Your proposed farm site should be protected from winds as these bring air-borne diseases. If trees are absent, at least the site should support growth of fast– growing trees such as acacia and eucalyptus trees.

After selecting a suitable site for your farm, it is important that you draw a good plan for the design and layout of your farm structures and buildings. This is because once buildings are constructed, they are often difficult and expensive to remove or replace.

As you plan the layout of your farm structures, consider the following factors;

Location of the farm

This should be located in a place where it is easily accessible and should command a good view of all the farm buildings. It should also be located on a well-drained and elevated area.

Labour efficiency

Your farm layout should aim at efficient labour usage. Buildings should be designed in a way that reduces the amount of time needed by the farm workers to perform their duties quickly.

Disease prevention and control

Manure or waste tanks and pits should be located far from the farm and animal houses, as these are sources of diseases

 Future expansion plans

As you plan the arrangement of your farm structures, consider the farm enterprises that you intend to put on your farm in the next few years.

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