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How To Mould Beeswax

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Joshua Kato

Beeswax collected should be moulded in the following manner:

– Use a container with a rounded bottom and a mouth wider than the bottom with a very smooth inner surface. Many plastic containers are suitable.

-Place a small quantity of water (about a tablespoonful) in a cooking pot and put on the fire. Do not melt beeswax in a dry container. It should not be exposed to fire because it burns easily and can be damaged by too much heat. Melt beeswax and all bee combs outdoors.

-Add all the beeswax and watch carefully as the wax melts down. Remove it from the fire immediately after the last lump of wax has melted.

– Pour melted beeswax into the mould and place in a cool, dry place to cool.

– Remove the cakes of beeswax the next morning.

-The dark material collected at the bottom can be removed with a knife and can be sold to a shoemaker. The clean raw beeswax is ready for the market.

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