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How To Maximize Returns From Your Broiler Rearing Business

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There is a misconception that rearing broilers is expensive in terms of vaccination, brooding and feeding. However, as experts explain, this is not always the case.

Jimmy Jagenda, a vet doctor with SR Afro Chicks and Brooders Limited, says rearing broilers as a business starts with the type of breed.

Jagenda said good breeds are expected to be ready for sale within 35 days.


Jagenda says brooding is done in a period of 14 days, however, the brooder should have temperature of 31-33 degrees Celsius.

He says such temperature is desirable because chicks are believed not to have enough body temperature to survive on their own in the first two weeks.

“For a farmer rearing 100 birds, have two heat centres (charcoal stoves) placed at different positions of the brooder to enable chick to receive enough and uniform heat,” Jagenda says.


Jagenda says when birds are received on the farm, they are always stressed, therefore, it is advisable to subject them to vaccination so that they receive electrolyte substance as well as glucose solution mixed in water.

Feeding trays

Since these chicks are unable to feed in big feeders, it is advisable to use four feeding trays which helps in the activation of their digestive systems, as well as at least four drinking troughs.

Make sure you replace the trays with small feeders after three days to prevent chicks from eating their droppings.

Make sure for the next 14 days, the poultry house is clean as well as chicks having enough clean water and feed at all times.


Jagenda says broilers should be fed on a starter pellet which is normally in the form of crumbs for a period of two weeks. At this stage each chick weighs 500gm.

After 17 days, subject your broilers to growers’ pellets for the next two weeks.

“At this stage we can then recommend farmers to begin mixing feeds on their own feed using the SR Kuku Concentrate,” he says.

He advises farmers to start making sales at five weeks when the birds weigh 1.5kg. These will be bought at sh15,000-sh20,000 at the current market price.

Jimmy Jagenda training farmers on broiler rearing best practices during the 2022 Harvest Money at Kololo Airstrip

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