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How To Maximise Value From Groundnuts

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Groundnut sauce can be prepared in several ways. Jolly Gonahasa, the director of Jovay Catering School in Wandegeya, says the sauce can be combined with other foods to enhance the nutrient content.

Dr Gakenia Wamuyu Maina, who has a PhD in nutrition science, says groundnuts are rich in proteins, iron and fat. Below are some of the foods that can be mixed with groundnut sauce.

 Maina says simsim oil has a high amount of fat which can boost ones energy. The groundnut-simsim sauce is rich in protein as well as fibre that slows down breakdown of sugars.

Gonahasa says adding greens to groundnut sauce. Common local greens are ggobe, jobyo, and dodo or fresh tender pumpkin leaves (susa).

Maina says the greens improve the vitamin, iron and calcium content of the sauce. Pumpkin leaves are rich in vitamin A and C.

Maina says foods rich in vitamins A and C help one get a healthy skin, boost immunity and improve eyesight. The iron is good for the red blood cells that help transport oxygen to various parts of the body while calcium builds stronger teeth and bones.

Animal protein:
 Mixing groundnuts with small fish (mukene), dried meat, offals and chicken enhances the protein in groundnuts sauce, says Maina.

Animal protein foods are easily absorbed in the body. Offals are rich in iron.

 Gonahasa says one can add eggplants (ntula), carrots, beans and peas to groundnut sauce. They provide a higher food value if prepared separately and mixed later.

Other foods:
 Mashed Irish potatoes or matooke make a healthy balanced meal especially for the children.

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