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How To Make Yoghurt

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You need two sauce pans. A small sauce pan with milk and the other larger sauce-pan with water at the time of boiling the milk. Place the one with milk into the one with water and boil.

Boil your milk up to 85c/185F before cooling it down to 45C/110F. You can use cold water in which you place the sauce pan with milk to cool down.

  • Don’t mix milk with ingredients until it is less than 45C/120F and you should not let it go below 32C/90F. This is why you need to have a thermometer.
  • After cooling it, add the ingredients especially yoba. If you are making 10 litres, use half kilogramme.
  • You add in flavours such as straw berry or vanilla and food colours. These are sold in small bottles and can be added day after the above process. If you mix the flavours before it is completely cooled down, then they may be affected by the heat.

Items for making yoghurt

Pre-production you will need;

  • Pure fresh milk with no water added to (less than 30 on the lactometer scale). You can buy a lactometer. 10 litres of pure milk will give you seven litres of yoghurt.
  • Boiling equipment (you can use a sauce pan of any size depending on quantities)
  • A metallic can to store the boiled milk. You can use cans that store ordinary milk
  • A thermometer for measuring the temperature of your milk
  • Polythene bags or tins for packaging
  • Yoba, which means Yoghurt with friendly bacteria (the bacterial organisms used for fermenting milk into yogurt) a sachet that can be used to make 10 to 50 litres.
  • Sugar

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