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How To Keep Your Pig Farm Clean In An Urban Centre

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By Rosemary Tukundane

Dr.  Esther Nakajubi is a former employee works with National Animal Genetic Resources Centre (NAGRIC0 who has turned to pig rearing.

She rears 300 pigs (large white breed) on one and half acre of land. Keeps pigs together with cows, poultry, goats but one can’t easily tell that Esther keeps pigs because of the cool and clean environment on her farm.

Dr Nakajubi explains that pigs are cleanest of the domestic animals. They want clean areas for sleep but farmers who rear these pigs are the dirty creatures instead.

Dr Nakajubi in the pig sty. Photo by Rosemeary Tukendane

Even if you have a nice pig structure, without minding cleanliness, pigs will always be blamed as dirty animals but if cared for, fed well and kept clean, rearing pigs is the easiest journey to wealth, she said

How to a pig sty clean

  • Composition of a house structure, where to feed, sleep and dump.
  • Adequate space for the pigs so that the animals have enough space to control a bad smell on the farm.
  • Use stones to make the floor for easy cleaning and replacement.
  • Clean twice a day by mixing paraffin with any detergent to control the pig house from a bad smell.
  • Put trenches in a pig house to control stagnant water in the house that brings completely a bad smell. 

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