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How To Keep Vegetables Fresh For Long Periods

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Umar Nsubuga

Keeping your vegetables fresh will help retain it’s nutrients.

Joseph Bukenya, a vegetable farmer says it’s important to follow these suggestions to keep vegetables fresh, crisp and full of flavour.

Group vegetables that have the same storage guidelines. For instance, lettuce, green onions and spinach require a low-humidity environment and should be placed in one area of the refrigerator, while cauliflower, asparagus and celery should be stored together somewhere else, such as a crisper drawer.

Put green vegetables with leaves such as lettuce in plastic bags. Place a moist paper towel in the bag with the vegetable to absorb excess moisture and retain freshness.

Place mushrooms in a brown paper bag, not plastic, with the top of the bag closed slightly.

Store potatoes in a cool, dry place. Put an apple in the bag with the potatoes as this will keep them from rotting too quickly.

Keep onions, eggplant, and squash out of the refrigerator. These vegetables do not do well in the cold. Find a cool place to store them, such as a covered container on the counter.

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