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How To Handle Risks At Your Farm

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•Don’t rely on one farm enterprise 

•Plan for bad days, for example, save some money in the bank to pay workers’ salaries or buy replacement seeds etc. 

•Just in case workers run away, you need to have an eye on possible immediate replacements.

• And to stop incidents of farm theft etc, you need to have good relations with neighbours because these are the ‘outside’ eyes and ears of the farm. 

Engage in civil social responsibility. You can for example engage in village or locality activities as a farm. Go for village burials, visit and clean the village water source or even set up a water source for the village but this should be outside the farm, to avoid villagers from regularly entering the farm.   

•Bio Security measures at the farm for example must be in place to stop diseases. These include vaccination and foot baths.


•Burning of diseased/dead species

•Spraying and deworming

•Timely cropping/planting and harvest

•Intercrop if necessary

•Keep tabs on market

•Sell at the earliest good profit offered

•Invest in a good storage for produce for crops. These may be silos or storage barns, or milk coolers for your milk 

•During times of drought, sell animals to reduce loss; restock after

•Plan for their feeds by for example paddocking and planting grass 

-Hire security guards to look and watch over your enterprise. 

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