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How To Grow, Harvest Sunflower

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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It takes between four to six days for the seeds to germinate. The first weeding is done when the seedlings are between two to three weeks old.

Weeding is done using a miracle ploughing device (special weeding equipment fixed on oxen plough).

When the seedlings are two weeks old, a farmer is advised to apply Rocket pesticide. The second pesticide spray is after six weeks.

Weeding should be done when the plants are one-and-a-half months old. It takes 90-110 days for sunflowers to mature.


Usually, the sunflower heads are deep yellow, from yellowish-green and the leaves are weathered.

The stalk also assumes a yellow colour.

Use a sickle or knife to cut the stalks during harvest season.

Then gets a clean tarpaulin on which the harvested heads are placed. When the sunflower heads are ferried home, the farmer should place them on the tarpaulin and spread out in the sun to dry.

It takes two-five days for the sunflower heads to dry, after which a farmer is advised to use a small stick to lightly hit them for the seeds to drop out, before it is packed in sacks.

The exercise should be done on tarpaulin and not on bare ground. However, a farmer is advised to pile the sacks on top of timber racks, lest the seeds get moist and ferment.

The seeds are then sold to a mill, where they are processed into vegetable oil.

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