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How To Grow Cucumber In Your Backyard

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I like eating cucumber and I would like to grow it as a backyard plant in my home garden. How do I go about it?

Answer: Yes, you can grow cucumber as a backyard plant.

  • To get seeds, buy a big, mature cucumber. Take it home and cut it in half, remove the seeds and hang them in the sun for about a month. At this point, the seeds are ready to be planted in the next season.
  • Plant the seeds when the rains start, or whenever if you are sure you will regularly water it. The right season for growing the cucumbers favourably is the wet season. They are affected by direct sunlight because the leaves could easily dry up and not produce any fruit.
  • Well-drained soil is suitable for cucumber growing. Make a small hole, about 2cm deep in the ground. In each hole, drop about three seeds and cover.
  • When they start sprouting, mulch the garden with dry grass (ebisubi) just like it is done with water melon. This prevents direct contact with the soil that may attract insects to attack the plantain.
  • When the plant starts shading the flower, one should spray an anti-bacterial pesticide every after three days for about a week.
  • In the second week after flowering, they would have started producing the fruit. Start picking them according to the size you prefer.

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