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How To Ensure The Cattle You Are Fattening Are Healthy

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There are several obvious differences between sick or unwell cattle and health cattle. You look at the facial expression of the animal and it has to be bright, calm and alert for health cattle and dull for un well cattle.

The skin of health cattle is clean and shiny compared to dirty and showing signs of hair loss for sick cattle.  Healthy cattle have a balanced and steady posture when standing.

You can also take a further look at the animal`s digestive systems. For healthy cattle, the abdomen is normal and balanced where as it is distended or reduced for un well cattle.

Healthy cattle have a normal appetite while sick cattle may not easily feed.  Dung for normal cattle is soft and well-formed but it is watery, bloody or hard for sick cattle.

You must also look for signs of deadly blood suckers like ticks on the cow`s body. Ticks cause some of the deadliest illnesses for cattle.

Once delivered on the farm, you need to have an isolation area for the new animals were you keep them for a few days as you study them, before joining them with the old herd.

Of course for successful fattening, just like any other livestock venture, you will need the services of a qualified veterinary officer, to regularly visit you and take a look at your cattle. In the absence of any diseases, the officer can visit at least once every month.

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