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How To Easily Make Money From Beekeeping

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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By Umar Nsubuga

Eriaza Nsubuga, an expert in beekeeping and hives maker in Nakaseke, says bees are sensitive creatures. However, as long as you understand them, they are manageable.

Some bee farmers have managed to understand bees through experience and can say they are now their best friends.

Nsubuga says the hive is composed of several elements, however, the queen bee has a major influence on the activities of bees in the colony.

She lays the eggs after being fertilised by the drone or drones, and once she settles in the hive, that is as well colonised.

According to Nsubuga, she found out that once you moved the queen, the bees would follow it. “The queen bee is secluded in a special cell, that is, in the lower part of the comb,” he explains.

If you move this comb into another hive, then that gets colonised too. Once it is colonised, the honey-making process starts.

Nsubuga says bees are sensitive creatures and they need care, for example, many people do not know that bees need to feed. Like you look after chicken, bees need feeders and that is why we have small, black bowls on or near the hives.

If you get to understand bees, it will be easy for you to earn from them. For example, because of this knowledge, Nsubuga can easily tame and transport them in hives.

Nsububa advises the government to ensure that farmers buy already colonised hives to avoid making losses.

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