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How To Dry Cassava Properly

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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Good cassava starts with proper post-harvest handling, especially, the drying. Farmers are advised to use the ‘raised rack’ for drying.

A raised drying rack prevents insects, dust and other foreign bodies from getting into the cassava.

The rack is made of local poles, a black kavera (polythene) depending on the amount of cassava one has and raised to a desired height for easy access.

When constructing the raised drying rack, one needs to dig a holes, put a polythene paper and concrete around the short poles to prevent termites from eating them up.

The poles should be painted with food-grade paint before placing a wire mesh on top.

A black polythene paper is then placed on top of the mesh and hooked onto the poles to withstand strong winds.

Those interested in setting up a rack should use black polythene as this quickly absorbs the sun heat and dries the cassava chips faster.

The cassava chips must be chopped in thin layers to dry fast.

With this method, one needs between three and five hours for cassava to dry.

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