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How To Deal With Hostile Farm Neighbours

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There are instances when jealous neighbours sabotage each other. One such case was of a farmer whose pigs where slaughtered by neighbours who, when asked, said the pigs were giving off a bad odour. There have been other instances where animals have been poisoned, farm produce stolen or intentionally set on fire to frustrate the owner. Below are some suggestions of how to handle such situations:

  • Inform neighbours of what you are doing on your farm so that you reach a compromise. Hire those who want to work or as out-growers.
  • If you produce a large number of piglets, for example, either give or sell to your neighbours at a subsidised price. Mutebi, a chicken keeper in Bamunanika, gave his neighbours some free chicks to start their own poultry enterprises.
  • You can turn your farm into a training centre for farmers in your area. Let them come and learn from your experience, instead of chasing them away.
  • Carry out community outreach programmes in the area. For instance, contribute to constructing of the village well and roads. If you have a clean water source on the farm, allow the neighbours to access the water. This will give them a reason to support the farm.
  • You could also establish a perimeter fence around the farm, hire security guards and get dogs as a security measure to keep off intruders.

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