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How To Control Mango Scales

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This is one of the pests that affects the quality of the mango tree, leading to poor fruiting.


• Small round reddish brown to white insects

• Usually found in clusters which are immobile

• Insects can be 1 – 7 mm long while the cluster can be 2 cm in diameter

• Clusters found on upper surface of leaves, branches, stem and fruit

• Females are circular in appearance, have dark spot on one side, have neither wings nor legs

• Adult males have two wings


• Scales suck the cell sap from the infested areas

• Infested leaves turn pale green to yellow eventually die and drop

• Infested fruits have pink blemishes and drop

• Poor growth and dieback of branches

• Infested young seedlings may die

• Honey dew is produced which form sooty mold, thus reduction of photosynthetic capacity


• Cut and burn infested tree parts

• Use of natural enemies e.g.) Parasitic Wasps, Ladybird Beetle, Lacewings etc.

• Spray with insecticide mixed with white mineral oils 2%: paraffin oil is sprayed at 3 % water emulsion. Avoid spraying mineral oil during very hot periods of the day

• Use of D-C Tron (Caltex oil) to suffocate the insects

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