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How To Construct A Goat Shed

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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To put up a goat shed, one needs poles, nails, pieces of timber to make the frame, plastic or iron sheets for roofing.

One also needs wooden or plastic feeding troughs. Make sure the shed is located in an area that does not flood to prevent the structure from being washed away during heavy rains.

The main structure should be raised off the ground by two to three feet. It should be constructed with a proper drainage channel so that the urine drains into a garden.

Urine and goat droppings make manure. Erect the poles in either a rectangular or square format. Then partition the structure by creating the upper part and the lower one.

The upper part should have a wooden floor with small outlets for urine which is collected in the lower section. From here, it is drained into the garden.

The structure should be partitioned to create space for the goat to stretch and feed from the troughs without coming out of the shed. This also prevents goat waste from going into the food and water.

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