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How To Add Value To Pumpkins

by Jacquiline Nakandi
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Cut the fresh pumpkins into small pieces after peeling, then crush them with a pulping machine. Use a fermenter to start the fermenting process. Locally manufactured fermenters can be purchased in Katwe or Kisenyi in Kampala.

After a day of fermenting, add additives, yeast and sugar. Sprinkle yeast according to the recommended volumes and keep stirring the mixture daily for four days.

After that, sieve out the juice. Put the juice into another fermenter and tightly lock it. The older the wine, the better it will taste.


Pumpkin seeds can be roasted and sold as snack. The seeds from a mature pumpkin are dried under the sun or using a solar dryer between three to five days.

They can be roasted in a pan over a heat source until they are crunchy before being packed in containers that are readily available on the market. Brand the container.


Wash, peel and chop mature pumpkins. Dry the pieces in a solar dryer under the sun (although this will take a long time).

Use a grinder to mill the pieces into flour. Small grinders can be got from Katwe or other farm machinery fabricators. You can also take the pumpkin to a mill. Pack the flour in either polythene or plastic containers.


Pumpkin leaves are believed to be a great source of vitamins and many eat them as vegetables.

The leaves can also be dried in a solar drier and ground and packed. Mixed with water and spices, this powder can make a sauce.

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